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Family Law Negotiation

“Going my way? No? I’ll see you in Court” (loud snap shut of the briefcase).
This is not negotiation. This is bullying, more than likely staged to make money from the anger and power greed of the client.

Effective negotiation is an art and a co-operation where both participants know that there is a middle ground range in family law, where the family can survive, the children will flourish and the parents can enjoy a mutual respect and understanding, even if they don’t like each other very much.

Ms. Herriot-Howes has established herself amongst her family law colleagues as a successful negotiator for over twenty years. She knows that once you are within the range of reasonability, negotiation is not about winning and losing, but about what compromises each former spouse can make to get on with it, carry on with it, and live with it.

What you need to know are the boundaries of the range. As a result of her years of hard legal study, which continues on an ongoing basis, as well as her extensive experience as a family law lawyer, Ms. Herriot-Howes can tell you whether your needs and goals are inside or outside of what would be considered “reasonable”. To hold fast to an angry goal which has little chance of success in Court is wasteful of your money, your energy and your time in life. Get settlement, get closure.

Rest assured, Ms. Herriot-Howes knows how to handle the bullies. She has encountered quite a few in her day. She dismisses them, and will advise you accordingly. There is no negotiation with a bully, period.

That being said, most family law counsel today (thankfully) are within the realm of reason. Consequently, whether you are now in Court or have not yet commenced Court proceedings, Ms. Herriot-Howes can negotiate on your behalf, always with your instructions, to find a place in that reasonable middle ground where you, your former spouse and your children may find peace.

Ms. Herriot-Howes has a reputation for being honest, firm and fair, true to her word and relentless in ensuring that her clients are heard.