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Family Law Litigation

As senior family law counsel, Ms. Herriot-Howes has been litigating family law issues in Courts across the province for over 24 years. She is well skilled in advocating for the legal rights of her family law clients at Court Conferences, Motions and Trials. Ms. Herriot-Howes represents men, women and children.

At least ten of the cases Ms. Herriot-Howes has successfully argued have been reported in legal journals and publications. One such case was reported in the Toronto Star in 2003. It was the first of its kind in Ontario. Her wealth of legal knowledge and experience is self-evident, as she firmly tackles parenting disputes such as custody, access, change of residence and travel issues, to name but a few. Ms. Herriot-Howes is also abreast of the law and is a veteran in litigating financial issues such as child and spousal support, matrimonial home issues and property and debt equalization. She has obtained, where necessary and appropriate, emergency Orders for sole custody, immediate access, restraining Orders, and non-depletion Orders.

Family Law Litigation is risky and expensive. Ms. Herriot-Howes is well known for her practicality and common sense, as well as professional courtesy and a commitment to achieving reasonable settlement in the early stages of litigation, where possible. Before any steps are taken in your case, Ms. Herriot-Howes will consider the facts of your personal situation within the context of the law. You can expect a realistic assessment of your chances based on experience, integrity and results.